The Music

Jay BTS Winstons 2008

As a 40th birthday present to myself, I’ve released my very first solo album…

Shut Out the World – A Shoebox Collection

Check it out at

As soon as I picked up a guitar at the age of 19 and learned a couple chords, I was writing songs. This endeavor has brought me to 1,300 stages from Hawaii to New York City via 4 different bands over the last 21 years. I had a dream at one point of making music for a living, no different than the giant herd of very talented people, kinda’ talented people, and shrewd marketers currently contributing to the vast ocean of art, content, and brands. Maybe a psychologist would differ, but I’m pretty sure that dream is happily retired, and I’m content with my position (or lack thereof) in the food chain. However, I’ll always be writing, playing, and recording original music, whether there’s an audience or not.

Check out this post for a brief recap of my recording endeavors.