01:15:14 climbing

I was born in Memphis TN, raised in Cincinnati OH, educated in Columbus OH, spread my wings in South Lake Tahoe CA, stepped outta’ my comfort zone in Long Beach CA, and took a breath in Woodland CA. I’ve been a dishwasher, a mortgage collector, a chainsaw crew leader, a full time musician romping around the country, a post-musician-oh-hell-what-am-I-to-do-now, and a salesman/marketer/copywriter for startup companies, among a menagerie of other things. I currently live with my wonderful and beautiful wife in Charlottesville VA and work for MadiDrop PBC, selling a simple solution for a global safe water problem.

Questions, comments, aloha’s … email me: jayaustinseals@gmail.com

Photo background and credit:

The Stories: Fall 2000, the end of our chainsawing season. These gloves fitted me so good, I didn’t want to change – thus the continued duct tape patch jobs. Photo by Jesse Bookshar.

The Music: Andrew Harris, John Morales, and myself as 3/4ths of Dad’s LPs. Venue was the Crystal Bay Club in North Lake Tahoe in the summer of 2012. We’re looking over at our 4th member, Chris Twomey, as well as 3 guests from my previous band, Blue Turtle Seduction (Adam Navone, Glenn Stewart, and Christian Zupancic). Photo by Lauren Lindley.

The Punishment Rock: Stock photo. But, why do I have a photo of this mountain? Stay tuned!

About: Myself and my wife, Shara, in Mendocino, CA in the fall of 2015. Photo by Anna Seals. Climbing photo by Canyon Florey.